How to extend the life of your computer ?

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When you buy a laptop. You think that my laptop should run a longer time. With good maintenance, gentle use, and proper care, your Product will operate for many years. With the expensiveness of laptops,  it  should be more important to take care of laptops. A good laptop will help you complete your work efficiently and accurately. Then if you want to increase the span of life of your laptop. Follow the amazing tips mentioned below.

Clean and Neat:-  Time-to-time cleanliness is very important for laptop. You should stay away from any kind of liquid from your laptop. Whenever you use Your laptop. Remember, your hand will be properly cleaned. Dirt and oil from your fingers make your laptop stuck and create problems in keyboard. Use a small piece of cloth to clean your laptop and use a clean and old toothbrush also. Put your laptop away from direct sunlight and dust-free surfaces.

Antivirus scan:- Useless and unused files occupy more space than you realize. They create force or strain on the laptop Then regularly clean up your pc. Have a antivirus in your pc rescue to virus. So, every once in a while clear your laptop. Delete the unwanted files and remove unaccessory cache.

Transport:-  When you travel strictly, carry a laptop bag which suits your laptop can also put laptop accessories like; charger, keyboard etc. Keep your laptop in a neutral atmosphere, neither cold nor hot. Don't put your laptop in the car when it is cold. It may damage your laptop. Avoid putting any kind of luggage on your laptop. Also, you should not place the laptop nearby electrical appliances.

Avoid overcharging:- Remove the charger from the PC when it is fully charged. Keeping the battery constantly charged is not the best practice for increasing your 
battery life. Lithium ion batteries have a feature: an internal circuit that stops the charging when the battery is completely charged. Due to overcharging lithium-ion battery. The circuit is essential. Without it, a lithium ion battery overheats and maybe burns when on its charge.

Hold it with both hands, not by the display:- Because the display is a very sensitive part of a pc. The display is easily damaged or stretched by a little bit 
of pressure. So touch the screen gently hand and hold the laptop by its base, not by just directly screen. Holding tightly to the screen makes the screencracked.
So the best way of holding the laptop is to pick it up with both hands properly.

Shut down:-  Continuisly use of pc open needless cache. Shut down your computer when it is not in use. Before shutting down your PC, save all the work which is done by you.
The best thing is to be in shut down fixes all the issues and give a chance to a refresh start. It makes the computer's life longer.


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