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A computer cabinet is the complete box which houses all your computer components that includes the motherboard, processor, ram, hard disk, graphics card, fans or other optional components. People often refer to a computer cabinet as a computer case, pc case or pc cabinet. Most gamers believe that picking the right gaming cabinet is as important as picking the graphics card or the right motherboard, primarily because all the important components are kept inside the PC cabinet.

Computer Cabinets do not affect the gaming performance directly but have many other important uses. People prefer premium gaming cabinets not only due to aesthetics, but also because it provides better airflow, better fans, and better radiator support. These features directly affect the temperature of the internal components within a PC. More efficient airflow means more effective cooling of your PC, potentially increasing the lifespan of your system.

Gaming cabinets come in three different sizes – they are Mini Tower computer cabinet, Mid Tower computer cabinet, and Full Tower PC cabinet. Among these, some PC cabinets have better airflow, some have better sound dampening, some provide improved cable management whereas some others are aesthetically better. PC cabinets with mesh or perforated cases will definitely have better airflow but will have less sound damping. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the motherboard you are planning to buy should fit in the case. So, it becomes mandatory to check the form factor of both your motherboard and your PC cabinet. 

Here at Pcadda we have a huge collection of gaming cabinets, of different size, color, and specification from renowned brands. These PC cabinets are designed to bring together great outlook, performance and customization both for game lovers and regular PC users.