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Cabinets come in different sizes according to factors. The size of the cabinet usually determined by the part of the motherboard as it the biggest component of the computer. Some gamers even believe that picking the right PC cabinet is just as important as picking the right motherboard, as all the critical components are kept inside the cabinet.

Most users will opt for a mid-tower cabinet. There are also full towers which are larger versions and like the mid-towers, can house micro-ATX or ATX form factor boards. If you want to create a low-power ultra-compact HTPC, then you’re bound to purchase a mini-ITX board.

Both aluminium and steel have their advantages, and usually, gamers are in favour of one over the other. Those who prefer steel cases do so because of their durability and soundproofed qualities. Steel is far less likely to scar and dent compared to aluminium. With its thickness and durability, it also keeps noise levels and rattling to a minimum. Steel is also more reasonable than aluminium, a benefit if you plan on building a system of your own.

As for aluminium, the biggest advantage is that it’s lightweight, making it a popular choice for people who move their computers around a lot. LAN party fans especially appreciate this feature. It’s sleek, simple and modern, bringing the same qualities to the body of the gaming computer.