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Cooling System

The computer heats up when we use it. If you notice that when the computer gets heated when you are working you can hear the fam humming gently or maybe you hear louder when you play games on the intensive process. The cooling system reduces the device’s operating temperature which both limits heat exposure to the hardware and make the device itself more convenient to use.

The computer has limited space to work with for cooling, which makes the cooling fans essential to the device’s well-being. Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) are the two biggest heat-producing components inside the computer and laptop: they can generate sufficient heat without cooling to break themselves.

Air cooling is the most common method of cooling a computer. This process uses a ‘heat sink’ to disperse heat from a CPU over a larger surface area to reflect heat away into the surrounding air. Fans are usually used to keep air flowing and enhance the rate at which heat is transferred through it such methods are often used to decrease noise from the computer.

We have Air Cooler, Cooling Pad, CPU Fan & Heat Sinks, DIY or Custom Cooling Kit, Thermal Grease, and Water or Liquide Cooling Kit, Cooling System for your computer and laptop.