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Desktop Internal Hard Drives

Internal hard drives are placed inside your computer. Unlike an external hard drive, these drives are not transferable and only be used by the computer they inhabit. There are two main kinds of internal hard drives: the HDD (hard disk drive) and the SSD (solid-state drive). HDDs are the more traditional kind. They use rotating disks to retrieve and store information, so the faster a hard drive can spin, the quicker your computer will be. These hard drives are relatively inexpensive and can provide ample amounts of storage. The external hard drive can be transferable and can be extended storage.

  • Internal drives provide more storage capacity for large amounts of data.
  • Internal hard drive connected to your laptop and computer so that regular scheduling of backups requires less effort.
  • Internal hard drives are very cost-efficient compared to other storage devices of media.
  • Internal hard drives can easily be renewed and updated to keep a computer running smoothly.