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AMD Chipset

AMD Chipset serves great value for the money, it does have several costly options that are even more powerful than the Intel option in some cases. When it comes to choosing your next upgrade, your best bet is to look at the individual performance numbers of the chip you want to purchase. You should also consider these general guidelines to give you a good base of where to start.

AMD Ryzen 3000 processors offer the best excitement for buck throughout almost the entire value range. Intel does hold a small edge in gaming at the very top end, but even then, the benefits of AMD CPUs outside of that easily outweigh such a slight lead. AMD has a better upgrade path too, as AMD promises existing motherboards will continue to work with new AMD chips in 2020.

AMD’s doing away with the awesome hodgepodge of motherboard platforms to unite around the AM4 socket with Ryzen CPUs. We have these AMD Chipsets, ASRock X570 Taichi Motherboard, ASRock B450 Pro4 Motherboard, AMD B550 Motherboard.