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Intel Processors

Intel processors bring you world-class performance for business and personal use. Intel has some of the excellent processors for gaming and productivity tasks like video editing and high level coding. One can find a wide range of processors by device types. You can explore the best PC processor options for content creation, immersive gaming, IoT applications, and artificial intelligence. At the very top is Intel’s most capable CPUs, like 9900K and 10900K, which hold a sizable advantage over other processors available in the market. 

Intel Core i3 CPUs. i5 CPUs, i7 CPUs distinguish one from the other based on their relative processing powers. Introduced in 2017, the Core i9 series is considered to be Intel’s super-high end range of processors that boasts of incredibly high thread and core-counts. The true story is, most modern software isn’t really ready to make use of these capabilities – especially in the gaming space. It is also quite expensive compared to the rest of the lineup. 

So while i7s and i9s are designed to offer higher performance than i3s or i5s, whether they will be better, will ultimately depend on what you’re using your PC for and how much you are willing to pay. 

Intel Processor consumes less power compared to any other processor, and the heat generated is also very less. They are more compatible because Intel CPUs are more common in the market, as a wider range of motherboards are available with an Intel chip. Remember it is the CPU that does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. It’s the processor that thinks and reads instructions. More specifically, it is the CPU that executes programs and directs them according to highly detailed instructions. The faster and more powerful your CPU is, the more responsive and more quickly your computer will run applications and programs. Hence you need to pay attention to the processor’s clock speed, cores and threads when purchasing a CPU.  You can purchase any variety of Intel processor at