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Higher performance at low power (longer battery life in laptops):- The main benefit of DDR3 comes from the higher bandwidth made possible by DDR3’s 8-bit deep prefetch buffer, in contrast to DDR2’s 4-bit prefetch buffer or DDR’s 2-bit buffer. Specifically designed and tested for compatibility in various devices. DDR3 modules can transfer data at an effective clock rate of 800–1600 MHz using both rising and falling edges of a 400–800 MHz I/O clock.

Higher frequencies performance, effectively up to 1600 MHz:- DDR3 memory guarantee a power consumption reduction of 30% compared to current commercial DDR2 modules due to DDR3’s 1.5 V supply voltage, equate to DDR2’s 1.8 V or DDR’s 2.5 V.

  • Enhanced low power features
  • Improved thermal design (cooler)

We have these DD3 Ram for Laptop and Desktop are available HyperX Impact 8GB 1866MHz DDR3L, G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Ram, Corsair Vengeance 8GB (8GBx1) DDR3 DRAM1600MHz for Desktop, Kingston Value 4GB (4GBx1) DDR3L 1600MHz.